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Frequently Asked Questions- Home Access Center

Using the Home Access Center

  1. Classwork tab – always choose ALL RUNS from the RC run drop down menu at the top of the page.  You may have to do this every time to see an accurate class grade.
  2. Logging out – when you are done with the Home Access Center, click the EXIT link in the upper right-hand corner.  Closing the browser does not log you out.
  3. Not all teachers elect to share grades and/or assignment information via the Home Access Center. Ask teachers how to best stay informed about individual student performance and schoolwork.
  4. Teachers who use the system will update grades at various intervals at their discretion.
  5. Check teacher’s policies if you have a question about the grades that you see online.

Account questions

When I try to register for the Home Access Center, the error message indicates that my email address cannot be found for this contact. What should I do?

If you are a student, make sure that you are using the same login ID and password you use for your student account at school.

If you are a parent, please contact your child's school and provide them with your current email address.

If you still receive this error, please contact support.

My temporary password didn't arrive in my email. What should I do?

First, check the SPAM, BULK or JUNK mail folders in your email inbox. The subject line will read "Home Access Center Registration."

If the email does not appear, please contact support at home.tamdistrict.org.

I have changed my email address. How can I update this with the district?

If you are a student, log into Home Access Center and change your email address by clicking on the Registration link on the left-hand side of the screen. Under Contact Information, click on the Edit Information link. Enter your new email address in the box next to your name and SAVE.

If you are a parent, please contact your child's school to update your email address.

My teacher doesn't use the Home Access Center to share grades online.

Use of the Home Access Center to share grades and/or assignment information is at the teacher's discretion. Please review individual teacher's class policies or ask the teacher how to best keep up with your grade in the class.

My grade is wrong! HELP!!

When you view the Classroom page, please make sure that you choose ALL RUNS from the Report Card Run drop-down. This will insure that you are viewing an accurate, cumulative grade for this class. Next, contact the teacher directly and ask when you can meet to discuss your grade.